New baptismal event at Yardenit

New baptismal event at Yardenit

New baptismal event at Yardenit


It is “winter” in Israel! Life-giving showers of blessing have poured down on the dry ground. Again, nature is bringing forth green grass and flowers. It is amazing how water can transform the desert, the hills and the valleys in a short while!

Pastor Vadim Butov

Israeli “winter” is rarely “white”, but more like springtime in many other regions of the globe. The famous Biblical “early rain” came several weeks ago and coincided with a major Bible- focused series of public meetings in Haifa. There the Holy Spirit touched the heart of many participants. The result of the spiritual early rain was seen on October 29 when a group of 20 candidates were baptized in the Jordan River, most of them as a direct result of the meetings which were attended by 125 people.

Evangelistic meetings are very rarely organized in Israel due to serious opposition from several organizations and groups. Pastor Vadim Butov, a Russian-speaking evangelist working in Australia, conducted the meetings in a rented hall. He was actively supported by the local pastor, Sergey Greg, while church members assisted in a variety of ways according to the spiritual gifts the Lord had endowed them with.

Pastor Sergey Greg baptizing the new converts

It is a rare event to run a public campaign in Israel, and there were threats and warnings from an opposing group, but the situation in Haifa is different from what it is like in many other areas since Jews, Muslims, Christian Arabs and others are used to living quite harmoniously together. This becomes very clear every year in December when the main street where our Life and Hope Center is located is beautifully illuminated and carries Jewish, Christian and Muslim symbols side by side.

We rejoice at the fruit of the early rain which was seen during the meetings in Haifa! Please keep these “newborn” ones in your prayers!