It was a happy pastoral couple who knelt before the Lord!

On Sabbath, November 12, Pastor Shalom David was ordained to the Gospel Ministry during a spiritual gathering in Jerusalem.

Members from all around the country gathered to have a part in this important event for the Israel Field. We only have four pastors with residency status (the others are international employees), and now three of them are ordained and set aside for the task of building, strengthening and expanding the work.

Shalom David is our only indigenous, Israel-born Jewish pastor and is naturally in charge of the Hebrew publications in the Israel Field. In addition to this task he pastors the Rehovot Ethiopian Congregation and the Tel Aviv Hebrew congregation.

He and his wife Paula (who brought him to Jesus and to the SDA Church!) have six children and they function like a family orchestra, playing several different instruments.

Many will know that he is also an electrician, and now as a pastor he is specializing in helping people turn on the spiritual light in their minds, hearts and lives; illuminating them with the bright rays from the Sun of Righteousness, the True Light of the World.

Old and young joined in praying for Pastor Shalom David
Local and visiting pastors participated in the ordination prayer. Paula knelt at the side of her husband during his ordination.